I create your analogue or digital drawing parallel to your lecture / your conference / your roundtable. It visually summarizes its core content. The picture helps listeners, teams and organizations to understand topics better. They can also immerse themselves better into change processes. Your employees are more attentive, remember the contents better and can reflect the results at a glance.



So what does it mean?






Conference Calls, Presentations, Conferences, Panel Discussions, Fairs, Change Processes, Sales Processes, Strategy Communication, Collaboration Formats, Accompanied Trainings

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This time it's in YOUR HAND.

Which visualization format do you need?

My graphic recording portfolio


Graphic recording

Strategic visualization

Aiming at your own needs in order to structure, memorize and develop content yourself

Uses handbag format

Record your own thoughts of an event or idea

Created analogically in a notebook -or- digitally on the tablet

Have a short to medium-term use for their own documentation and memory

Target the audience whose attention, understanding, and motivation shall increase

Uses a large projection area

Simultaneously record ideas from presenters in a graphically appealing way

Produced analogically on flip-chart, metaplan, poster -or- digitally live on the projector

Have a short to medium-term use as a basis for discussion and documentation

Aims at teams and organizations that need a strategic vision for change

Uses poster format

Graph the desired future orientation in a very appealing way

Analogue as a poster
-or- digitally on the tablet for printing afterwards

Have a medium-long-term benefit through sustainable communication of the vision via posters

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