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Mein Name ist Markus Querengässer.
Ich bin Graphic Recorder, Designer und Trainer. Warum fragst Du Dich?

Weil es mir Freude bereitet, Menschen dazu zu animieren, dass sie sich selbst und Andere besser verstehen. Ich bin davon überzeugt, dass Bilder, Sprache und Interaktion dabei den Unterschied machen - und Veränderung bewirken.

Hierfür nutze ich meine Talente um Improvisation, Inspiration und meinen Humor. Meine internationale Erfahrung als Projektleiter bei Telefónica und Bain & Company lässt mich Deine Herausforderung für Dich strukturiert lösen. Meine Ausbildung zum Trainer sorgt für didaktischen Hintergrund. Und die Praxis als Graphic Recorder lässt mich Zuhören und den individuellen Fokus für Dich finden.

Neue Inspiration liefert mir der Blick durch die Augen meiner Tochter, die Zusammenarbeit mit tollen Partnern und neue Herausforderungen meiner Kunden.

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Hybrid skills on-the-job

I worked at the consultancy Bain & Company. Here I learned strategy, project organization, information design and the seriousness of life. I went to Telefónica Germany as a project manager . I managed a variety of projects.

Thanks to an internal request, I trained colleagues in presentation design. And now it's getting exciting: I was closer to myself in the training sessions than in my job as a project manager. In 2015, I consequently founded I-HAVE-A-TEAM.de as a trainer . My goal: to support executives and teams in times of change through interaction and communication. At the same time I decided to quit PowerPoint for the time being. I took presentations into my own hands - by drawing them.

In addition to team training, clients booked me for vision workshops, flipchart design, sketchnotes, self-management in an agile environment, DISC personality training and creative workshops. Through my commitment to Rock Your Life! I helped young people and companies setting up mentoring programs.

I have also been working as a graphic recorder since 2017. When clients need pictures, I draw what I hear in analog or digital formats. Even when product ideas need to be shaped clearer, I am happy to help as a designer. Today, all of my skills help me to design and run unique workshops.

Pictures and Games

As I grew up, I loved drawing and taking analog photos. I captured my impressions of life in pictures. This gave me a feeling for composition, proportion and graphics. I realized that all people have the most diverse images and associations anchored in their heads. I neglected my passion for pictures after school and university. It was only kept rudimentarily alive through the creation of Powerpoints. Only when I started my own business did I pay more attention to her again.

I have also enjoyed playing board games since I was a child. I continued this tradition during my studies. It was then that I imagined how good it would be to play first when meeting new business partners. That way you would get to know each other quickly. A few years ago I discovered the opening effect of improvisational theater and various warm-up games. Today, when I meet potential customers, I play with you first. And my workshops are also based on playful interactions.

Images and games are essential in face-to-face work and virtual collaboration. They increase attention, joy and connection between colleagues. That is why I use both elements in a targeted manner to build up interpersonal relationships.

All beginnings are easy

I've been fortunate to have been part of a wonderful team since birth. Thanks to my parents and my 3 siblings, I experienced appreciation, support and shared experiences right from the start. Due to the genes of the “tallest” little woman who existed for me at the time - my grandmother - and the optimistic manner of my father, I liked to make other people laugh. I learned early on that human relationships are essential for good results .

When the wall came down in 1989, my parents lived out their newly won freedom to travel. And I got to know you from the back seat of Europe and America. I was enthusiastic about languages and studied international economics in Reutlingen, the USA and Mexico . And I've traveled much of the world. While working for Telefónica, I also lived in Madrid. I campaigned against child labor in Colombia. Other countries led me to new people. This broadened my perspective and showed me that interpersonal relationships work internationally.


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